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The Right Way to Clean by ZEROREZ!

If you have ever had your carpet or hard surfaces professionally cleaned before, you know that it can often be a hassle. With Zerorez® of Greater Sacramento, that just isn’t the case. Our patented cleaning method does just what it says…it leaves no residue!

If you live in the Greater Sacramento area it has never been easier to have your living surfaces cleaned.Our cleaning tools and processes are truly the best in the industry, offering incredibly clean carpets, tile, hardwoods, upholstery, and more. As the name says, whatever we clean, we leave zero residue™, and we guarantee your satisfaction.

Even better, it is Beyond Green™ cleaning, as we use no soaps or toxic chemicals... just Empowered Water™. This means no harsh smells and you can walk on your carpet shortly after cleaning without worry. Our incredible Empowered Water™ cleaning solution contains no soaps or toxic chemicals, which means that unlike traditional cleaning chemicals, your living surfaces won’t get dirtier, faster after we clean it. Keep your living surfaces cleaner for longer with Zerorez®.

Our technicians are prompt, courteous, nicely dressed and clean cut. Best of all, we are one of the most affordable cleaning companies out there, offering multi-room packages at unbeatable prices!